What were your first weeks at uni like?: A Q&A with Sophie

04 Jun 2019
By Daniel, Writer at Unite Students

When she’s not writing about student life here on the Common Room, Sophie studies politics in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

I sat down with Sophie, who starts her third year in September, to reminisce about her very first week at university way back in 2017.

Naturally, I was really nervous.

Here’s what Sophie had to say about freshers fears, feelings, and fun.

Sophie, how did you feel before you arrived at university?

Naturally, I was really nervous. I was mainly worried about making friends but you soon realise that you are all in the same boat and therefore everyone talks to everyone. I was also worried about getting homesick but the first few weeks at university are so busy that you hardly have time to think about home!

Did you connect with your flat and coursemates before you arrived?

I joined a Facebook group for my accommodation in which everyone found their flatmates. This was really helpful because it enabled people to talk about who was bringing what, so that we didn't end up with six of the same pans or six toasters!

I also connected with a girl on my course who was in the same accommodation as me this way. This reassured me that I wouldn't be walking to lectures on my own. She actually became one of my best friends and we went to all our lectures together all year.

What was your first night at university like?

After a nine-hour car journey to get there, I was so exhausted! Despite this, I felt like I should socialise and went to pre-drinks with the flat upstairs. I didn't really feel up to going out so I decided to get an early night so that I could enjoy the rest of the week more.

I am so glad that I did this because freshers’ week is so busy that it’s important to pace yourself. I really didn't miss out on anything by missing one night out.

How would you recommend new students make the most of their first few weeks at university?

I would definitely recommend going to the activities and sports fairs during freshers’ week to find out about all the societies that you can join. Joining an activity or sports club is one of the best ways to meet like-minded people in your first few weeks.

If you could start over, would do anything differently in those first few weeks?

I would be more confident and introduce myself to more people. People are so friendly in the first few weeks as everyone is trying to find their friends, so it’s definitely the easiest time to build up a wide social circle.

It’s also the best time to meet people on your course as people are so open to talking to the people sat next to them in lectures or waiting outside, which definitely diminishes as the term goes on!

Naturally, I was really nervous.
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