Bath: The complete city guide for students by vlogger Dom

31 Aug 2018
By Dominic A., Graduate at

From pretty parks to quirky bars (and everything in between), the historic city of Bath is beautiful in a way that few other British cities can compete with.


Student vlogger Dom takes you beyond the beauty to show you where and how to spend your time. Whether you like outside walks or inside drinks, there’s something for you here.

Watch the video at the top of this page. Here’s a few of Dom’s highlights.

1) Victoria Park

Bath is spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor space, but Victoria Park is Dom’s favourite by far. A haven for skaters, kids, and their parents, it’s big enough to accommodate the occasional fun fair - and to always find a quiet spot to relax in.

2) Moles Club

If live music is your thing, Moles is the place to be. Tucked underneath George Street, Moles was once voted the best venue in the UK for up-and-coming bands. The Smiths, Radiohead, Oasis, Blur - just some of the names to have graced the Moles stage over the years.

3) The Corridor

Connecting the shops of Stall Street to the Guildhall covered market, the Corridor is exactly what its name suggests - a narrow, covered walkway. What you might not expect is that it’s lined with retailers, restaurants, coffee shops - even somewhere to get your hair cut.

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Dom is a Unite Students vlogger and graduate living in Bath. He recently finished his studies in Film & Screen Studies.