Checkout: What to do before you leave your Unite home

29 May 2019
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Unless you’re staying with us over summer, it’s almost time to move on. Checking out is a straightforward process if you know what you need to do. So here’s what you need to do.

You can find all the finer details at our checking out page, but let’s look at the basics.

1) Clean the flat

You’re responsible for cleaning your room and the shared areas before you check out. After you leave, we’ll inspect the flat and compare its condition to the details on your check-in report.

If we have to clean or make any repairs after you’ve gone, we could charge you and your former flatmates unless somebody accepts full responsibility.

Arrange to deep-clean the flat with your flatmates before you go your separate ways.

2) Sort your stuff

Moving is the perfect excuse for a clear-out. Divide your things into three piles: keep, recycle, and donate. This’ll mean you’re only moving the things you really want.

Grab a British Heart Foundation bag at reception, and donate your useable but unwanted things at the donation point before you go.

If you’re coming back to uni next year and don’t want to lug bigger items home, you can store them with our storage partner LOVESPACE.

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3) Pack your bags

Whether you’re using black bags, boxes, suitcases, or a combination of the three, make sure you pack up before moving day.

Here are five simple ways to make packing easier:

  1. Pack a separate, small bag - for everyday items like phone, wallet and toothbrush.
  2. Roll your clothes - they’ll take up less space if they’re rolled instead of folded.
  3. Stuff small items in your shoes - socks, pants, jewellery, loose stationery.
  4. Wrap anything that might leak - shampoo, shower gel, cooking oil, make-up.
  5. Label your bags and boxes - especially if they’ve got breakables in them.

Remember, you could be charged for anything that’s left behind. So make sure your room and the flat are completely empty before you check out.

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4) Make a move

Ask your reception team about your checkout day and time. Generally, it’ll be 12pm on the last day of your tenancy but this can vary between properties.

Your reception team can also tell you when and where you can park the car on moving day.

When you speak to reception, ask for your checkout envelope and form. Simply fill in the form and put it into the envelope along with all your keys (including your post box key), and drop it off at reception as you leave. Make sure you update your preferred home address and email address on the ‘My Account’ section of our website, under ‘Personal Information’, too.

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(including information about your deposit, if you paid one)

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