From country living to city dweller: How I got used to surviving in Glasgow

14 Jan 2020
By Ellie M., Post-grad at University of Glasgow

Moving from the middle of nowhere to the biggest city in Scotland was a bit of a jump for me, to say the least. At home in Aberdeenshire, the view from my bedroom window consists of rolling fields, dozens of trees, the occasional wind turbine, and a mix of sheep, cows, and deer.

My view in Glasgow, on the other hand, consists of herds of cars stuck in traffic, towering buildings, and dozens of people – yikes.

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Crafter, casual gamer, and future forest ranger. I'm Ellie and I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2021 with a degree in Film Studies and Theatre. I grew up in rural Aberdeenshire and am still trying to figure this ‘adult’ thing out.