Heading off to uni? Top tips from YouTuber Grace Fit UK

06 Jun 2018
By Grace Fit UK, Student at Oxford University and YouTuber

I remember being a few months away from starting uni, swamped with countless emotions every day: excitement, stress, anticipation, more stress, more excitement, more stress again.

It’s really easy to overthink any big change in your life, but the bottom line is that stressing out about it won’t change anything. So take a step back and try to not think about it too much.

Go to the freshers’ fair, even if it’s not your type of thing.

Looking back with a bit more experience, here’s what I’d tell my pre-uni self.

Bring silly things to uni

Don’t just pack items that will show off a new, cool ‘uni you’ - bring the things that will make you feel at home. I’m talking cuddly toys, special pillows and blankets, posters, photos for your pinboard, and even soppy notes from your mum.

You’ll miss them if they’re not there!

Put in what you want to get out

This goes for friends, activities, nights out - all of it. I know it can be incredibly hard putting yourself out there, but you really won’t regret it. On the first day, say hi to people you see, introduce yourself and don’t worry too much about who’s going to be in your gang.

Go to the freshers’ fair, even if it’s not your type of thing - you never know, you might be able to branch out more than school ever allowed you to and find a new hobby!

Relax about the work (at the beginning at least)

Now I know this seems counterproductive, especially as you’re going to uni for an education, but I really mean it. The terms are designed so that you can first and foremost concentrate on the other things when you start.

Try to focus on making friends and finding your way round amongst all your work.

Plan ahead to stay on top

Not being on top of your work can really stress you out. My top tip is to get a homework diary - an A5, week-view diary where you write down every deadline, every lecture, and even nights out. Planning ahead, writing to do lists, and ticking things off will really help you stay on top of things.

I put aside an hour or so at the beginning of every term to make sure all my lectures, seminars, and pre-planned events are in there so I don’t get confused later in the term.

Be yourself, you’re good enough

Seriously. I know it’s tempting to construct a new, cool you but - trust me - the normal you is better. University is an incredible place where there are so many different types of people. Use the time to find yourself, to find people who are like you, and to fully explore what’s in store for you.

Go to the freshers’ fair, even if it’s not your type of thing.
You are embarking on an amazing new journey, of which education is only a part. Throw yourself into it.

Choose excitement, choose fun

As soon as I began to just enjoy the experience and not try to predict the future, I became excited for the next step. Chances are, you’ll look back on this time and see how many things you just didn’t need to be worried about.

Be safe, be kind, and most importantly, have fun!

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Grace is an Oxford University student, YouTuber and fitness influencer.