Hobbies at uni: How to find time to practise your passions

21 Jan 2019
By Ebony C., Student at University of Portsmouth

My hobbies have always been an important part of my identity. Not practicing them for even a week essentially feels like losing myself.

University, with its hard work and always-imminent deadlines, can make it near impossible to get in that much-needed leisure time. But in reality, it’s the perfect time to take your hobbies up a notch and even get involved in new activities.

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Hi, I'm Ebony! I'm a first year studying Palaeontology at the University of Portsmouth. My interests include rock and metal music, scientific illustration and, of course, reading and writing. I'm passionate about bringing science and art together and believe research and creativity go hand in hand. I also love giving advice - I hope you find my articles helpful!