Holidaying alone? Here’s how I fought off homesickness

14 Dec 2021
By Mirava Y., Student at Royal Veterinary College

It was on a cool winter’s morning that I found myself sitting on an airport floor, awaiting flight announcements, munching on a homemade granola bar. No, I wasn’t going back to my home country – I was jetting off to Hamburg for a solo excursion after finding discount tickets for a bargain £20.

The three-day trip was over in a flash, and by the end of the weekend I was back in London, back on the Tube, back to my flat.

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Mirava is a Filipino writer, veterinarian, and now an aspiring epidemiologist – which is what she’s taking her Master’s for at the Royal Veterinary College. She loves dogs, running in parks, theatre, and film. In summary, she loves London.