Living with uS: How to keep your shared kitchen clean

14 Sep 2020
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Staying on top of cleaning makes your flat a nice place to live and helps avoid arguments.

Keeping your kitchen clean is also a vital tool in the fight against the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

In this guide, you’ll find out how to organise and do the cleaning with your flatmates.

As part of your tenancy agreement, you’re responsible for keeping your shared kitchen and lounge clean. By doing so, you'll be helping create a home where everyone can thrive, as set out in our Home Charter

Don't worry, we’ll do all we can to help, and our regular inspections are part of that. We’ll visit every couple of weeks (we’ll always give you notice) to check everything is clean, safe and working. And if there’s room for improvement, we’ll support you and your flatmates to get there.

So, what advice do we have for you? 

Here’s our quick guide to a constantly-clean kitchen:

  • Double bag and take your rubbish and recycling out to the designated refuse area every day
  • Wash up straight after you eat so it doesn’t build up
  • Clean the hobs and inside the oven after you cook
  • Wipe down your fridge, freezer, kettle and microwave with disinfectant often
  • Wipe down all worktops and surfaces after you cook or eat
  • Vacuum and then mop your kitchen floor at least weekly

Using cleaning to fight Covid-19

Maintaining high standards of cleaning and hygiene is a really effective way to keep Covid-19 at bay. With that in mind, in addition to the above, please do your bit by following the below advice:

  • Clean hard surfaces using a disposable cloth and with warm soapy water, then use disinfectant to ensure the area has been cleaned effectively
  • Regularly clean frequently touched areas and surfaces, such as light switches, kitchen cupboard/drawer handles, oven and microwave buttons, door handles, floors and chairs
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds - especially after removing gloves, aprons and other protection used while cleaning

Please note: You should wear a face covering, apron and washing up gloves when cleaning. If these are disposable items, they should be double bagged and taken out to the rubbish when you’ve finished with them.

How to use your cleaning rota

We’ll pin up a blank cleaning rota in your kitchen. The rota is the key to working together to keep the place clean. All it takes is four simple steps:

  1. Add each of your names to the list of flatmates
  2. Keep an eye on the rota so you know when it’s your day to clean
  3. Work through the list of cleaning tasks on the rota whenever it’s your turn
  4. Tick the relevant box when you’ve completed all of the cleaning tasks

A word on laundry

When you’re doing your laundry, it’s important to follow the process below:

  • Don’t shake dirty laundry - this minimises the risk of the virus dispersing through the air
  • Wash your items according to the instructions on the label
  • Use the warmest water setting you can (according to the instructions) and dry your laundry completely
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Staff writer at The Common Room