Moving to the UK? Get ahead with Korean Billy’s guide to British culture

23 May 2018
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Are you moving to the UK for university? Get to grips with British culture before you arrive with Korean Billy’s UK guide.

Do you know your ‘G’ from your ‘bare jokes’?

In the video above, YouTuber Korean Billy explains how you can enjoy British culture.

Here’s four things to look out for when you move to the UK:


Do you know your ‘G’ from your ‘bare jokes’? According to Billy, the first step to understanding British culture if you are a student is to understand the more unusual words young people use. For example, if someone calls you right mardy, you’ll know they think you’re being really grumpy.


You’ve probably heard that British people talk about the weather all time. And it’s true. But that’s because it changes ALL THE TIME. Looking for a way to start a conversation? Billy recommends talking about the weather to break the ice.


Us Brits are renowned for queuing. We’ll even look for a queue when one doesn’t exist. Always respect the queue. We also apologise, a lot. Billy explains that the average British person says sorry eight times everyday. Sorry not sorry.


You might think British cuisine is all about fish and chips. But there’s plenty to try besides mushy peas and soggy chips. Some of the most popular British dishes are pie and mash (potato) served with gravy (or ‘liquor’ if you’re in East London), and a traditional Sunday Roast.

You’ll find both at Wetherspoons, a national chain of pubs that’s also known as Spoons. Other well known British restaurant chains include Greggs (their specialty is a sausage roll) and Nando’s, famed for its Peri-Peri chicken.

Planning to study in London, Bristol, Glasgow or Newcastle? Then Korean Billy’s city guides are essential viewing. Check them out here.

Do you know your ‘G’ from your ‘bare jokes’?
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