Netflix: My 5 favourite shows to watch during exam time

16 Jan 2019
By Gioia D M., Student at University of Glasgow

As exam season gets into full swing, I have to deal with the biggest conflict ever on my timetable: ‘How do I keep up with my Netflix shows?!’

The pressure of having to revise for exams can feel extremely daunting, which makes kicking back and unwinding incredibly beneficial AND important. If you’re like me, you do that with Netflix. But what to watch when you don’t have much time and need to focus (mostly) on work?

Here are the 5 best Netflix shows to watch without feeling the need to binge.

1) The Big Bang Theory

This is at the top of my list because it’s the show I’m currently watching. Each episode is only 20 minutes long. So, in the morning while I eat my breakfast or before bed after a long, hard day revising, I like to give myself a break by listening to Sheldon’s strangely relatable rants.


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2) Friends

How could this not be on the list? I’m pretty sure every human being on the planet has watched Friends at some point in their lives. Choose your favourite episode to watch and, just like with The Big Bang Theory, give yourself a 20-minute break in between your studies. Why not use a sort of reward system? For every 20 pages you read, you get to watch an episode.

As Monica would say, ‘Rules help control the fun!’

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3) Nailed It!

Why is it so satisfying to watch other people cook? Why is it even more satisfying when it’s people who can’t cook!?

Nailed It! is so much fun, and each episode is only 20 minutes long (do you see a theme developing here?) which makes it the perfect study session light-relief.

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4) Alias Grace

I love a miniseries, and Alias Grace has to be my favourite. Episodes are 45 minutes long, but there are just six episodes in the series. I don’t even know where to start to describe this mind-blowing, absolutely shocking series!

You will have to be really careful not to watch it all in one go though! Spread the episodes out evenly over the exam period for a more ‘serious watch’ than the shows mentioned above, but be strict with yourself. Try inserting them into your revision timetable.

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5) Gilmore Girls

I love rewatching Gilmore Girls when I don’t want (or, more accurately, don’t have the time) to commit to a new show. There’s no shame in rewatching your favourite episodes from your favourite shows. It just means you can watch a couple of random episodes without feeling the need to binge because you already know what happens.

How many times have I seen Rory and Jess kiss in snowy Stars Hollow? Who knows. But I’ll never get tired of it!

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