Save the world without even trying: Make a pledge for good

11 Feb 2019
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

‘From tiny acorns, mighty oaks do grow.’ In other words, things that seem small and insignificant can become huge and powerful.

Which is precisely the idea behind Pledge for Good, the sustainability movement that calls for small changes to everyday routines.

Want to do the planet a lot of good with very little effort?

Here’s how you can join the movement.

What is a pledge for good?

A pledge for good is a commitment from you to make your daily habits healthier, in order to benefit you and your planet. You make your pledge(s) at our Do Nation website.

The point is to make small improvements, with minimal effort, to the things you do every day. And after two months, hopefully you’ll feel able to stick with your new routines.

What kind of habits are we talking about?

When we say small, we do mean small. Among the 46 ‘do actions’ you can try, there’s cooking with the saucepan lid on, lending a book to a friend, and putting a jumper on.

We’ve chosen five as priorities - wear another layer, use a reusable cup, replace more meat with veg, reduce food waste, and recycle more - but you can pledge to do any of the others too.

See all do actions at our Do Nation website

How to sign up and make your first pledge

Making your first pledge is easy:

  1. Go to our Do Nation website and log in with Facebook, or create an account
  2. Select your city and find your Unite Students property to view your team page
  3. Choose a priority action for your team, or choose from the full list to make a pledge

You can make as many pledges as you want to. But be realistic. You should aim to practise each new habit every day for the next two months. So don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Sign up for Pledge for Good at our Do Nation website

Competition: Sign up now to win a £50 eco-hamper

Make your first pledge by Friday 15 February for the chance to win a hamper full of great sustainable goods. A Lush voucher, a nice reusable coffee cup, and some delicious organic tea are just some of the lovely items included.

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Staff writer at The Common Room