‘She was so happy that I wrote to her’: Krishna on being a long-distance big sister

15 Jul 2019
By Krishna L., Student at King's College London

When I was 18 years old, I was all prepped to move to a new city for uni. I was so excited to take this step, because every time I thought about it, I felt closer to my dreams and career.

The thought of my course had made me so ambitious that I didn’t realise I was leaving a lot behind - my friends, family, boyfriend.

What worried me the most was my sister, seven years younger than me. Because out of all of us, I am the most attached to her. I was afraid that the bond I have developed with her would vanish after I moved overseas, because she didn’t have a phone or computer that could connect me to her.

However, after I moved to London, and she took off for boarding school in India, my mom told me that I could write emails to her. So I added in my timetable to write her an email every Monday. Every time I wrote her an email, I felt all my feelings growing stronger. And every time my parents used to go to meet her, she used to be so happy that I wrote to her. She would complain as well whenever I missed a Monday. But I was at peace that neither of us lost each other’s importance.

After five years of long-distance contact with my sister, I have realised one thing. No matter what path we choose, if the person we miss supports our dreams and we support theirs, the relationship will always find a way to work out.

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