Spring clean: Kathryn declutters and reflects on first year

22 May 2019
By Kathryn W., Student at Northumbria University

Now, if you’re anything like me, you haven’t had a proper sort-out since before you moved into halls.

But, as it’s spring and the end of the uni year is upon us, now seemed like as good a time as any for another declutter.

I have a habit of holding on to anything and everything just in case it comes in handy.

Before starting The Great Spring Clean, I tidied and vacuumed my room. I then armed myself with three carrier bags: one for any trash I might find, one for recycling, and another for charity shop donations.

Then I opened my wardrobe.

Giving my clothes a second life

I have a habit of holding on to anything and everything just in case it comes in handy. Maybe you’re the same. Going home for Easter gave me a great opportunity to take home those chunky jumpers I knew I wouldn’t wear in the warmer weather. Some of them I hadn’t worn since the beginning of February.

Going through my clothes, I made three piles: take home, keep, give to charity.

I love donating clothes to charity as more often than not they’re high quality and still completely wearable. Just because I don’t want it anymore doesn’t mean somebody else can’t enjoy wearing it. Even if your clothes are damaged or stained, charity shops often collect rags which they can also make money from. Alternatively H&M also offer a similar service, and you may even get in-store discount for donating unwanted to clothes to them. H&M use unwanted clothes to make everything from cleaning cloths to insulation.

Next, with my wardrobe sorted, I turned to my desk.

Making sense of my uni notes

I have created quite the collection of university notes. But, since my A-Levels, I don’t like to hold on to bits of paper I don’t need. Throwing out those bits of paper that are covered in scribbled notes and doodles is a must.

So, I got an array of labelled folders and enough plastic wallets to file away my ‘good’ university notes by module. Keeping these notes concise and organised really helps when it comes to writing essays and sitting exams later on.

Decluttering provided me with the perfect opportunity to reflect on my first year of university, and my first year living away from the familiar comfort of family and friends.

How did I feel, looking back?

‘I’ve learnt a lot about myself this year’

It doesn’t feel like five minutes since I made the move 100 miles from home, but somehow I only have three lectures left before the end of my first year. I’ve completed three short films, learnt new skills in video editing and camera operation, and have met some wonderful TV industry professionals at networking events.

Outside of the lecture hall, I have met some lovely people. I’ve enjoyed laughs, card games and I’m A Celeb viewings with my flatmates, shared stress and worry with my coursemates over deadlines, and even rekindled friendships with old school friends at university in the same city.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself this year, and look forward to seeing what second year has in store.

I have a habit of holding on to anything and everything just in case it comes in handy.
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I‘m a first year Film and TV Production student and I love all things cats, comedy and crime drama. You’ll usually find me cradling a mug of tea (and a cat when I’m at home) and binge watching my favourite crime shows on Netflix. I’m a keen volunteer and a member of the Drama and M.A.D (Making a Difference) societies.