Tidy home, tidy mind: How cleaning my room helps my grades

29 Jan 2019
By Giselle N., Student at University of Edinburgh

During assignments week, my table is often messy as I scribble my ideas on paper and end up with a huge pile of notes. That’s why I have two 10-minute cleaning sprees scheduled each week, and do daily tasks as well to keep on top of it.

Do you do the same? No?

Let me explain why it’s essential for me (and my grades) to have a clean and organised room.

I get more work done

Having a more organised and tidy home makes me more productive. We’re less stressed and more focused without distractions from dirt and clutter. Without these distractions, my mind works much faster.

I feel a sense of achievement

Think making your bed takes too much time? I beg to differ. It takes me less than three minutes and a morning task like this creates a feeling of accomplishment and positivity.

Plus, you will sleep better and feel more relaxed when you crawl into a well-made bed at the end of the day.

It’s my way of being mindful

A routine cleaning task enables you to exercise consciousness and mindfulness. Cleaning can even be a way to manage stress. Getting lost in the task takes your mind away from all your worries and work stress - hence, you feel relaxed after completing the task.

Plus, if your place is always tidy and clean, you are always ready for company!

So that’s why I keep my place clean.

Here’s how I do it in two steps and less than 10 minutes.

My study desk

During exams, this is where I spend most of my time. I like to make notes on small pieces of paper and sometimes I tend to misplace them. I’m also constantly drinking water, which means bottles and caps can build up. If you’re the same, it’s time to be more organised.

Pin important notes to your pinboard to keep your desk clear. This will allow you to find stuff quickly. If you find it easier to use a paper tray, get one of those instead.


Bed, floors, and laundry

Climbing into a neat and clean bed promotes better sleep, so this is the first thing I do when I wake up every day. I also keep all my dirty clothes in a laundry bag, and do two washes a week so the dirty clothes don’t start to smell.

It sounds so simple, but the environment you work and sleep in has a big effect on how productive you are.

Lastly, I vacuum for a couple of minutes to get rid of any dust and hair.

That’s it! I do this as a matter of routine to feel more relaxed, more calm, and more focused on my studies. If you struggle to concentrate or sleep in your student room, give it a go.

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