Video: YouTuber Tati shares her advice on making open days a success

12 Nov 2019
By Tati, YouTuber and student at University of Portsmouth

Open days can be the start of something big. They can play a huge part in which university you end up at, where you’ll be living for the next few years and even what direction your career will go.

Because they’re so important, we asked YouTuber Tati to share her advice on how you can use open days in the best way possible. Read on or watch the video below for her top tips.

Make a list of the courses you want to check out

If you already know that you just want to do one course, then you’re set. If you don’t know, make a list of all the courses you’re interested in and check online for the open day timetables. Most universities will have a schedule for what the different schools are doing during the day.

There might be talks, there might be demonstrations, there might be an open fair. Make a note of all the different places you want to go. This way, when you get there you can efficiently plan your route around the university.

Make the most of your time

If you know that you can do three things quickly because they’re in the same area of the uni, do it. This way you’re not rushed for time and you can fit in as much as possible in the time that you have.

I’d also say, try and get to the uni as early as possible, just in case you do end up needing more time. It’s better to be able to leave early rather than be rushing to get everything in at the end of the day.

Talk to people

If you can, try talking to the students on campus. They call the city home and will be able to tell you what it’s actually like to live and study there.

Speaking to the tutors is a good way to get an insight into the course and ask questions you might not be able to find online. They might have an FAQ on the website, but they might not have the specific questions you want answers to.

Check out the accommodation

It’s really, really important that you try and visit as much accommodation as possible when you visit universities. Also, if Unite Students have properties in the cities that you’re visiting, that’s a great opportunity to check them out, see your options and see what the properties have to offer.

When it comes to where you’re living, it’s really important that you feel comfortable and happy with it, and that it feels as homely as possible, because it’s going to be your home for at least a year.

Make notes

When you’re visiting accommodation take notes of what you’re seeing. You can look around and take all the information in, but you might forget something, especially after looking at six different halls. So write notes on each place you go to including:

  • The key features
  • Is it en suite?
  • How close is it to uni buildings?
  • How close are the shops?
  • What’s the price per month?

Write all the important things down. It’s good to have that information with you when you’re making your application. That way you can make an informed decision and you can compare different universities. Taking notes is the best thing you can do at an open day.

Remember these tips and you’ll be really well prepared for making your choices. But don’t forget to enjoy yourself too. This is an exciting time!

For more content about university life, head over to Tati's YouTube channel.

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By Tati
Tati is a TV & Broadcasting student at the University of Portsmouth and a content creator on YouTube.