Why I love being a student in Bath

04 Jun 2020
By Abigail M, Student at Bath Spa University

I’ve now been living in Bath for a little while, and I’m very happy I made the choice to come here. It has everything I need to thrive: a beautiful city, a diverse community, and unusual areas to explore and work in.

Whether you’re a prospective undergraduate or postgraduate, a parent, or an already-enrolled student, I’m here to tell you why living in Bath is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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I'm Abigail, a 22-year-old writer currently studying MA Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University. I write a lot in my spare time - mainly fiction, scripts, articles, and blog posts. I also enjoy going for walks, volunteering, film and TV, animals, and coffee. I'm currently working on the script for a dystopian TV series and a script for a collaborative short film project.