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01 Jan 2019
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Living, or recently lived, with us? Want to help other students with university life? You can apply to become a student content producer at any time.

We want your personal story. We want to share your experience so other students can feel reassured, less lonely, and supported when they’re in a similar situation.

When you become a student writer for the Common Room, you sign up to our Work with Us promise.

We promise to give you monthly opportunities to write, to publish accepted work under your name and image, and to provide professional feedback to improve your writing skills.

You promise to tell us whether you can contribute each month, and to submit any agreed articles by the agreed date. That’s it. You don’t have to write every month. You decide if you can fit an article in comfortably between your studies.

Common Room student writing opportunities are unpaid and voluntary. Hence, the emphasis on complete flexibility for you and detailed editorial feedback from us. We’ll also give you a reference if you work with us regularly for at least six months.

The idea is to give you a creative opportunity to boost your employability and develop your skills, in a way that doesn’t disrupt your studies.

As a student writer, you can write about any of the topics covered by the five Common Room categories. You could write about communal cleaning under the Student Living category, or about your favourite recipe under Food & Drink.

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