How friends and family help me get through deadline season

02 Dec 2019
By Abigail M, Student at Bath Spa University

I’ve been doing university assignments for almost three years, and though I’d like to say I’m used to them, they’re never without stress.

I’m currently writing a 45-minute radio drama, a 5,000-word essay, and a script for a short film. It’s no less work than I expected, but it means I spend a lot of time alone in my room focused on writing.

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I'm Abigail, a 22-year-old writer currently studying MA Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University. I write a lot in my spare time - mainly fiction, scripts, articles, and blog posts. I also enjoy going for walks, volunteering, film and TV, animals, and coffee. I'm currently working on the script for a dystopian TV series and a script for a collaborative short film project.