‘I now know it was meant to be’: Nana on going through clearing to get to uni

15 Aug 2019
By Nana, Student at Heriot Watt University

The time is 7:59am; the date, Thursday 17th August 2017. A Level results day. The UCAS portal opens at 8:00am.

There follows approximately 39 seconds of sitting in bed contemplating whether or not I even want to check and 21 seconds of frantic prayer. With my laptop open and my hands in full keyboard warrior mode, I launch myself into UCAS track.

As I open the screen, my heart sinks.

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By Nana
As an Urban Planning and Property Development student naturally I’m a fan of Architectural Digest and chill. If I could be an animal I’d be a Sphynx - never have a bad hair day again. My favourite Spice Girl is Posh Spice. I’m always in the mood for Wagamamas and chocolate spread sandwiches before bed are a daily ritual of mine.