Part-time work: How to happily combine a job with study

05 Mar 2019
By Pauline M., Student at King's College London

Many students find themselves juggling a part-time job with their studies. The reasons for this vary, but the most common ones are the need to secure valuable work experience or simply earn some extra cash.

Whatever your motivation, having to deal with an increased workload on two fronts can feel overwhelming at first.

Here are some useful tips on how to successfully manage your studies alongside a job.

1. Get enough sleep

Students are notorious for skipping sleep in favour of a night out or a good time with friends. Even though it is important to maintain your social relationships, you should never sacrifice that much-needed sleep.

Having regular late nights can result in a gradual deterioration of your health, which may lead to further negative outcomes. Be sure to get around eight hours every night – your morning self will definitely thank you!

2. Look for remote work

A lot of jobs that were only ever office-based are now becoming available as freelance, remote opportunities. By accepting an out-of-office position, you will save yourself a lot of time avoiding the daily commute. You will also have the opportunity to take on varying amounts of work depending on your university workload, so that you will never feel overwhelmed.

Just a quick tip – try to avoid working (or working too much) during exam season, as you may find it quite challenging to cope with all of the deadlines.

3. Make the most of your time at work

Taking on a part-time job whilst at university will inevitably eat into your ‘me time’, so try to make the most of your working hours. Be proactive and make your employers see that you are not only a hard worker but are also eager to learn and develop your skills. You never know, they may want to take you on full-time after you graduate!

Also, use your LinkedIn profile to connect with your colleagues and discover new job opportunities through their networks.

4. Don’t forget to unwind

Working hard and keeping on top of your studies is important, but so is taking care of yourself. Being able to relax and unwind after a long day is key to remaining productive and motivated.

Try to free up some weekday evenings and take time to indulge in your favourite activities, whether that be curling up with your favourite book or catching up with that Netflix show that everyone’s watching.

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Balancing your studies with work doesn’t have to be challenging. If you ever regret taking on a part-time job, just remind yourself of the immense benefits of having both work experience and a fantastic degree. Consider it a fool-proof investment in your future!

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Pauline is an English Language and Literature graduate and Masters student studying in London.