Q&A: Postgrad Pauline explains why she enjoys writing for us

19 Oct 2018
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Pauline has just finished her undergraduate degree at King’s College London. She’s also just finished her first year as a student content producer with us, sharing her student life experience right here on the Common Room.

Before she gets stuck into her postgrad course, I spoke to Pauline about her time writing for us.

Here’s what she had to say.

Hi Pauline! Can you tell us why you were interested in the Work with us scheme?

I was always interested in writing and was very keen on finding a position that would enable me to have my work published.

When I stumbled across the Unite programme, I was really excited to give it a try. I knew that I was applying to be part of a very friendly and helpful team that was going to guide me in developing my skills further.

Do you think your writing skills have changed in the last year?

I have definitely noticed that my writing has become a lot clearer and more concise. By using the feedback provided by the editors, I was able to hone my writing skills and learn how to appeal to a student audience.

I am now more aware of the kind of issues that students are interested in reading about and am confident that I can write in a way that corresponds to my readership.

And how has the communication with us been?

I have mostly been in contact with Alexandra and she has been extremely helpful! She is always ready to answer any of my questions and provides really useful feedback on my work.

I really like how the feedback not only pointed out the parts that could be improved, but also highlighted things that were done well - this has given me greater confidence to continue writing.

What's the most valuable thing you've learned so far?

One of the most valuable things that I've learnt is the way in which a writer and an editor interact. As someone who wants to pursue a career in writing, this programme has been very helpful in introducing me to the writing scene and helping me understand how everything works.

Finally, any advice for those who are thinking about applying?

I would highly recommend this programme as it's not only a great way to improve your writing skills, but also a way of taking a break from your studies. Writing these articles has never felt like a chore and I was glad to set aside my university work so that I could engage in something different.

It has been very helpful in stimulating me to continue being productive when I would otherwise have done nothing of interest.

Will you follow in Pauline’s footsteps?

The Work with us scheme is now open, and we’re looking for new writers to share their student experiences here on the Common Room.

Complete our short application form to apply.

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