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01 Jan 2019
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

When we agree on a topic for you to write about, we’ll also agree on a date for you to submit your article.

Please submit before or on this date so we’ve got time to edit your article, give you feedback, and get your permission to publish.

Before you submit, please use the following questions as a checklist. They’ll help minimise the amount of editing we do, and make it more likely that we’ll publish your article.

  1. Have you spell-checked your article?
  2. Is your article easy to read, with everyday words and clear punctuation?
  3. Have you misused any words, e.g. their instead of there?
  4. Do you have a clear structure, with an intro, main points, and final summary?
  5. Is your text broken up with relevant headings and, if appropriate, bullet lists?
  6. Does anything you’ve written go against the Common Room style guide?
  7. Does your title give the reader an accurate idea of what’s in the article?
  8. Is there an obvious benefit in your title, to entice people to read the full article?
  9. Have you included examples from your own experience to illustrate your points?
  10. Are there any similar articles on the Common Room that you could link to?
  11. Have you checked any stats or data, and linked to a reputable source?
  12. Could your article offend, endanger or harm your reader? If yes, rewrite.

You can submit your article as a Microsoft Word document or - if you have a Google account - you can create a Google doc and share it with us. We can’t accept PDFs.

If you’d like to include your own images with your article, please send the original image files so we can edit and crop them if we need to. And please make sure you’ve got permission to use the images, especially if other people are in them.

Found some stock photography you’d like to use? Include links to the images within your article and we’ll check whether they’re suitable or not.

Submitting your first article? Please send a picture of yourself for your author profile. You don’t have to do this, and we don’t have to show your real name. If you’d rather stay anonymous, just let us know.

When you’re ready to submit, send your article and any image files to If you’re sharing a Google doc, share with Alexandra using the same email address and give her permission to edit.

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