Work: Why you should do a placement year at uni

06 Mar 2018
By Lucy N., Student at University of Central Lancashire

What are your options for doing a placement year? How long do they last? What are they like? All these questions are answered by our student vlogger Lucy in her latest video.

With a little help from her flatmates, Lucy weighs up the pros and cons of doing a placement year at university.

Here’s why Lucy thinks you should do a work placement.

1) Improve your employability

A placement is a chance to get valuable work experience, that’s relevant to your future career, under your belt - something you might not be able to do at a part-time, term-time job.

2) Meet new friends

Lucy is living with five other students who are also doing a placement at Waitrose. They’ve become close friends, and she also likes her colleagues too.

3) Earn some money

Not all placements are paid but, if you get onto one that is, what a great chance to chip away at your student overdraft.

4) Make career choices

Lucy has decided, from her own experiences and her flatmates’, exactly what she does and doesn’t want to do for work when she graduates.

5) Sharpen your final-year focus

Waking up at 6am to get ready for work, and staying focused throughout the working week, will help Lucy tackle her busy third-year schedule.

Watch the video above to find out some of the concerns students have going into a placement year, and why you needn’t be worried.

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Lucy is studying Fashion Brand Management at the University of Central Lancashire.