Working while studying: How I juggle university and a job

28 Mar 2019
By Vanessa R., Student at University of Glasgow

As soon as I moved out of my parent’s home, I strove to be independent. Not just by living on my own, or following my own interests and ambitions, but also by being financially independent. But I am totally aware that I cannot pay for everything myself while studying.

Accommodation, grocery shopping, socialising and hobbies - these things are too expensive to be paid for only by working a few hours a week. But it helped me right from the beginning to handle money more responsibly and value what I purchase more consciously.

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Hello, I am Vanessa, a 25-year old postgrad from Germany. My passion for writing evolved through my linguistic studies and the many books I read. In my free time I love to explore the world, may it be through fashion, travelling and cooking and I am always open for new experiences with my friends and family.