UCL Student Accommodation

London has everything you’ll need as a student, no matter your hobbies and interests. You won’t find more choice when it comes to a night out, shopping spree, or cultural experience anywhere else in the UK. The Capital also has a number of prestigious higher education institutions, including University College London. Home to 40,000 students, this excellent university offers a premium education and our UCL student accommodation puts you in the best place to get the most from your experience in London.

Where to stay

Close to campus

If you’re looking for UCL student accommodation close to campus, Somerset Court and Elizabeth Croll House are both within walking distance of University College London. Located in a popular student area, you’ll have easy access to lectures and the library, perfect if pressure is kicking up during exam season. You’ll also be close to King’s Cross and Camden Town, two of London’s busiest districts with thriving shopping scenes and a vibrant nightlife with a range of live music and alternative clubs.

Camden Town

For student accommodation near UCL in Camden Town itself, Beaumont Court and St Pancras Way are the perfect choices. You’ll never be short of things to do staying in Camden Town and you’ll only be a short tube or bus ride away from University College London campus. The famous markets are a haven of culture and a great place to spend the day. For an evening out, you’ll find a huge range of restaurants, bars, and clubs suitable for all budgets.


We also have UCL student accommodation available in Shoreditch. Another popular area amongst students, Shoreditch is the perfect place to live, study, and get the best out of your time in London. Walmsley Studios, Arbour House, Student Living Heights, Cross Court House, and East Central House or all found in or close to Shoreditch. This is the place to be if you want edgy pubs, busy nightclubs and high street shopping. Shoreditch is home to a lot of student accommodation in London, making it a great place for socialising and staying close to friends.

We have 10 other UCL uni accommodation locations spread throughout London. All offer excellent links around London, including short tube rides to both the university and London’s busiest train stations, making it easy to get around. Our UCL student accommodation comes with additional features including on-site gyms, 24-hour security, and communal study spaces. Still not sure on London? See our reasons why you’ll have an amazing time studying in the Capital.