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At Unite Students, we believe doing business is about far more than just generating a profit, it’s about supporting the students that live with us, along with our other stakeholders, in a way that represents all of their best interests. We strive to ensure that being truly responsible in this way is embedded through out every aspect of how we do business.

The Unite Foundation

Giving you equal opportunities is important to us. That is why we launched the Unite Foundation in 2012. The Foundation’s scholarship scheme gives three years of free student accommodation. The scholarship awards are focused on students from a background of care or family estrangement, to help give them the same opportunity to attend university as others. Unite Students has committed £8.5 million to the Foundation since its start and we continue to work in a close partnership with 29 Universities to deliver the scholarships.
The Unite Foundation logo

The British Heart Foundation

We genuinely care about your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the community you live in with us. Not only did we partner with the British Heart Foundation to train up 540 students and staff in CPR across the UK, we also managed to raise £272,700 for the charity. This broke a Unite Students fundraising record, and was raised through stock donations such as clothing, electrical items and other household goods.

Employee and student volunteering

Each year, staff at Unite Students are encouraged to spend a day away from their normal jobs helping out in their local communities. Taking people away from their day jobs, even just for a short while, not only helps them gain fresh eyes within their role with us, it also encourages a community focus. This is why we also encourage students to support charities, but most importantly to make sure we are playing a part in making the world around us a better place for everyone.
Unite Students male member of staff picking up litter

Positive Impact

Positive Impact is all about participation, so if you are a student looking to take part in some great volunteering, get stuck into delivering a programme that makes a real impact where you live, or just want to know more about making you stand out from the crowd when you graduate, we can offer a range of exciting opportunities.

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