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What is the London Student Experience?

The London Student Experience is the first project of its kind to be launched by Unite Students, with the aim to provide 12 creative students from across the UK with the opportunity to put their talents to the test in the form of a ‘24 hour student guide to London’.
The students successfully embarked on their adventure through London for 24 hours, taking in the sights of the capital and unearthing some hidden gems along the way. Find out more about their journey below.

Day one

The 12 selected students arrived at Stratford One after travelling from their various locations across the country. After settling in to their rooms, a welcome event was held on the building’s famous roof terrace where the students were wowed by panoramic views across London and the Olympic Park. To round off their first night, the students then enjoyed burger and bowling at All Stars in Westfield Shopping Centre.
View over London skyline from Stratford ONE

Day two

The students got to know each other over breakfast, and then enjoyed a few workshops; There4 Productions gave a filming master class, Steak took the students on a journey through content marketing, and the Unite Students team spoke about engaging on social. 
Then the students were briefed, before an afternoon of planning and researching for the big day. After a Domino’s pizza feast, the students got an early night before the 24 hour challenge began.
Breakfast at the London Student Experience

Day three

Alarm clocks were ringing at 3.30am, as darkness still covered London. By 4.45am, the students were at the very top of Stratford One enjoying breakfast and coffee as the sun (or what we could see of it) rose over the city. 
6am sharp and the students were on the tube, heading in different directions around the city. Split into three teams, each accompanied by a cameraman and a member of the Unite Students team, they ventured off to explore the city on a student budget.
Take a look at what they got up to…

Day four

Despite nearly 24 hours on their feet, the students were up bright and early again for a busy day. Working up in the Sky Room of Stratford One, with a view of the Olympic Village, the students started work on pulling their videos, photos, blogs and narratives together to create their guide to 24 hours in London.
In the afternoon, each group presented their day’s activities to the other groups, plus a judging panel from Unite Students and Steak. The groups were judged on their proactivity, use of budget, creativity, innovation, quality of content, use of social media, and quality of presentation. 
With the groups so well matched, and everyone thoroughly impressed by what had been done and captured, the judging panel were at a tie situation going into the final vote. At first, it seemed a verdict had been reached, but a recapping of the judging criteria and presentations lead to a change of heart and a winner was crowned.
So, it was congratulations to Team Bueller, consisting of Jade Turnstill, Rachel Marie, Nammie Matthews and Lewis Mitchell!
Members of the winning team

Behind the story

This campaign is all about inspiring creativity and providing opportunities for students to develop vital experience, particularly in response to a recent survey we commissioned via YouGov.
One of the main findings was that only 14% of students would currently consider career development a reason to stay over the summer, indicating that there is a lack of opportunity for students in the summer months.
To find out more information on the survey and to see a full list of the results, please visit our London Student Accommodation Study page.

24 hour Student Guide to London

How much can you do in London in 24 hours? We headed into the capital with 12 students to find out. From morning raves to cable cars over the Thames, outdoor cinemas to all-night breakfast, here’s what they got up to.