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Positive impact

Positive Impact is all about participation, so if you are a student looking to take part in some great volunteering, get stuck into delivering a programme that makes a real impact where you live, or just want to know more about making you stand out from the crowd when you graduate, we can offer a range of exciting opportunities.

A young man wearing a jumper putting a bike into a bike stand

Consultant role

Volunteering as a Positive Impact Consultant is an exciting, fun opportunity. You can develop skills in organisation, communication and project management, while getting to work in a fun environment. You get to work with your city team as you participate in Positive Impact, helping to make a difference where you live.

Applications for this role are now closed until September 2019. 

Auditor role

The role of volunteer Positive Impact Auditor gives you the chance to learn skills in auditing, teamwork and time management as part of a national sustainability project run by the NUS.

Applications are now open and audits will take place in late May 2019. Read the job description for more details.

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A few quotes from volunteers

I would definitely recommend the programme to other students as it gives an insight into the issues the planet is facing that one might not even think about- resulting in one changed attitude that could inspire more people to do the same.

Jess, Leeds

I have always been passionate about doing more to take care of the environment and I wanted to be pro-active by doing something alongside my studies. I helped run events as part of my role, it was a great pleasure to work with such a hard-working team.

Keerthika, Leicester

It's a rewarding role, something that doesn't take much time to complete.

Josh, Nottingham