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Why should you work with us?

To get the kind of work experience employers love. To use your experience to help thousands of other students. To develop your skills with our creative experts.
When you become a Student Content Producer, you get our full support from the initial brief to the final submission. That includes detailed feedback on your work, so you can improve your skills from one project to the next.
And if you work with us for more than six months, you can use us as an employment reference.

What are we looking for?

Creativity. Enthusiasm. Fresh ideas. You’ll be confident at putting your personality into your work and have plenty of experience that other students can learn from.
This is a voluntary opportunity where you decide when to get involved in a project. We don’t expect you to accept every offer and want you to always put your studies first.
Quote from Jade one of our Content Producers

What do other Student Content Producers think?

Watch the video to see what our writers and vloggers say about working with us.

What should you expect?

You’ll be part of a community of students who work with us on a regular but flexible basis. Expect offers to get involved in video and writing projects. Most will be solo ventures but some will involve teamwork. If you have to travel for a project, we’ll cover all the costs.

Check out our YouTube channel

If you’re looking for a place to share your uni advice and experiences, become one of the new faces of Unite Students at our YouTube channel.

Moving to the UK to study

Student packing a suitcase
Graduate writer Pauline has been working with us since 2017. In this article, she shares her experience of moving to the UK to study. Take a look to see the kind of story you could share when you join our Writing Academy.

Glasgow Student Life

We asked four of our vloggers to show us their favourite student spots in Glasgow, as part of our student city guide series.

24 Hour Guide to London

Watch what happened when our Student Content Producers explored London to see just how much you can do in the capital in 24 hours.