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Find out more about your new home and what you need to know ahead of check-in day.

Reception opening times: 8am - 8pm Monday to Sunday

Your new home

Maindy Road, Cardiff, United Kingdom, CF24 4HJ

Located just a 10-minute walk away from Cardiff University and on the edge of the popular Cathays neighbourhood, Cambrian Point offers a fantastic home to 63 ...

Information for check-in day

Where do I collect my key?

On arrival you will be greeted by a member of the team who will guide you to the check-in desk. When you reach the check-in desk the team will sign you in, g ...

Find out more about Cambrian Point

Laundry facilities
The laundry room is located in its own building. The machines are operated by Circuit Laundry and you can top-up via the Circuit Laundry app.

Outside space
There are plenty of green spaces to relax in between blocks, and we also have benches around the laundry room for you to socialise.

There is no on-site parking available at Cambrian Point. Our Maindy road entrance gate closes at 8pm and reopens at 7am. Between these hours, you will need to use the North Road entrance.

Bike storage
Bike storage is available at Cambrian Point by the footpath from the North Road entrance. If you are planning to bring your bike, please remember to bring your own bike lock.

General waste and mixed recycling are all disposed of at Cambrian Point in the external bin areas. They are located in 3 areas:

The first is located by the footpath opposite A Block, B Block and the laundry room.

The second is located by the footpath opposite C Block and D Block. The 3rd is located by the footpath opposite E Block and F Block.

Fire test time and meeting point
Fire alarms are fitted throughout the property. Your fire alarm test day is Thursday at 2.30pm.  Depending on the block you live in, your fire assembly point will either be next to the bin collection point between C and D Block, or next to the bin collection point between E and F Block."


Bike storage




Vending machine






Wi-Fi (in your flat & communal areas)




24/7 assistance


Onsite service team


Fire system


Contents insurance


MyUnite app


Outdoor social space

Secure access


Wi-Fi (average speeds of 110Mb/s)



Cambrian Point

Cambrian Point

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