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Find out more about your new home and what you need to know ahead of check-in day.

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Dorset House, London Road, Oxford, i, OX3 7FT
Information for check-in day

Where do I collect my key?

You will receive a fob and room key on arrival at the property, which you can use to access your room and communal areas.

Where can I park and unload my car?

There is a drop-off area available at Dorset House and you will have 15 minutes to do this. If you need to park for longer after you’ve unloaded your items, you can park at the Waitrose in central Headington.

When can I move in?

You can check in at any point from the start date of your tenancy. You can find your start date in your tenancy agreement or by logging into MyAccount here.
We’ll send you further information on checking into Dorset House soon.

Find out more about Dorset House

Common room
There is a spacious and bright common area with a TV, pool table and foosball. A study space is also located in this area.

Laundry facilities
The laundry room is located by C Block. You'll need to download the Circuit Plus app to be able to access the laundry machines.

Outside space
Dorset House has an outdoor courtyard.

There's no parking available on site, apart from a few disabled spaces. Due to planning conditions, we can't allow any cars or motorbikes on site and always recommend using public transport as an alternative. If you do need to park, we recommend researching local car parks in the area ahead of your visit.

Bike storage
Bike storage is available at Dorset House. If you are planning on bringing your bike, please remember to bring your own bike lock.

Recycling facilities are available at Dorset House. Please take care not to contaminate bins with the wrong types of rubbish.

Fire test time and meeting point
Fire alarms are fitted throughout the property. Your fire alarm test day is Tuesday at 12.30pm and your fire assembly point is located in the car park.

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Dorset House

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