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Find out more about your new home and what you need to know ahead of check-in day.

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2-5 Amphion Lane, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH7 5FL
Information for check-in day

Where do I collect my key?

You will be met at reception, where you will receive your key fob on arrival at the property. You can use this to access the pedestrian gate, your block's main door, your flat and room door and the common/study rooms in Block 3.

Where can I park and unload my car?

Parking is located on-site with a 15-20 minute drop-off service. As parking is limited, customers are asked to unload and then move their car. On street parking is available on the side roads surrounding the site.

When can I move in?

You can check in at any point from the start date of your tenancy. You can find your start date in your tenancy agreement or by logging into MyAccount here.

We’ll send you further information on checking into Murano House soon.

Find out more about Murano House

Common area
The common room area can be found on the ground floor inside the main building, in Block 3. It has a TV, a lending library, table tennis, a vending machine and plenty of seating space with comfortable couches to relax on and tables/chairs.

Study space
There is no separate study area, but there are desks in the common room.

Laundry facilities
The laundry room can be found on the ground floor next to reception and the main gate, after passing the bin store area. You’ll need to download the Circuit Plus app to be able to access the laundry machines.

Outside space
There is a gated outdoor space with parking, green areas for picnics, designated smoking areas and benches to enjoy the sunshine.

Parking is very limited in the area. During check-in cars are allowed to park briefly, in front of the main entrance in Middlefield, to drop off belongings. If you need to park for longer after you’ve unloaded your items, please look for free parking on the roads nearby.

Bike storage
Bike storage is available for Murano House residents for free. If you are planning on bringing your bike, please remember to bring your own bike lock. Bikes are to be registered at reception.

General waste, mixed waste, glass waste, cardboard waste and food waste recycling are all disposed of at Murano House in a bin area located between the main entrance gate and reception.

Fire test time and meeting point
Fire alarms are fitted throughout the property. Your fire alarm test day is Monday between 12pm and 3pm. Your fire assembly point is located in the car park, between reception and Block 3.

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