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Find out more about your new home and what you need to know ahead of check-in day.

Reception opening times: The main reception for Wellington St Plaza can be found in C Block of Plaza North.

Your new home

Wellington Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, NE4 5SA

Located next to the iconic St. James’ Park and on the edge of the city centre, Wellington St Plaza (previously Liberty Plaza) provides an ideal base fo ...

Information for check-in day

Where do I collect my key?

You will be met at reception, where you will receive your fob and key on arrival at the property. You can use the fob to access the main gates, reception, yo ...

Find out more about Wellington St Plaza

Common area
There are two common rooms at Wellington St Plaza. One located in North Block and the other in South Block. Both common rooms have a TV, pool table, ping pong and plenty of space to relax in.

Laundry facilities
There are two laundry rooms at Wellington St Plaza. One located in North Block, the second located in South Block.

Outside space
There are two courtyard spaces with benches for you to hang out in.

There is no on-site parking available at Wellington St Plaza.

Bike storage
There is secure fob-access bike storage as well as bike racks available at Wellington St Plaza. If you are planning on bringing your bike, please remember to bring your own bike lock. Please let the property team know if you wish to leave your bike in the secure storage.

General waste and glass recycling bins are provided at Wellington St Plaza.

Fire test time and meeting point
Fire alarms are fitted throughout the property. Your fire alarm test day is Thursday at 12pm. Your fire assembly point is located outside the Urban Science building for North Block and opposite Bath Lane for South Block. There will be 2 fire drills throughout the year.


Bike storage


Common area








Wi-Fi (communal areas)






24/7 assistance


Onsite service team


Fire system


Contents insurance


Outdoor social space

Secure access


Wi-Fi (in your flat)



Wellington St Plaza

Wellington St Plaza

¡NE4 5SAThe main reception for Wellington St Plaza can be found in C Block of Plaza North.Explore on Google Maps

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