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About our fees (2018/19 Academic Year)

You’ll need to pay:
  • Your rent (and advance rent if applicable). This is for your room and the shared facilities of the property. It also includes all electricity, heating and water bills, basic contents insurance and in-room internet access.
  • £250 security deposit if applicable.  If your booking requires a deposit, you will be made aware of this when you book.
You can also upgrade your Internet service or add on car parking for an additional fee (where available).
Instalment charge
If you choose to pay your rent in instalments, an additional charge of up to £99 which is payable in full with your first instalment, may apply. If this charge is applicable, you will be made aware of this when you book.
TV licence
If you are bringing a Television, the Television Licensing Authority requires that you need a Licence, if you are bringing one. For more information on this visit
Council tax
As a full-time student you don’t need to pay council tax. You’ll be provided with a Council Tax Exemption Form by your university during your enrolment. A copy of this must then be provided to the team at your property. If you leave university during your Tenancy Agreement period you may then need to pay council tax. If this happens, you must pay Unite Students for any council tax paid on your behalf.
Damages and cleaning charges
Download information on our damage and cleaning charges.