7 reasons to study in Bournemouth

11 Aug 2021
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Choosing your university city is a big decision and can define your student experience. You’re expected to decide on somewhere to live for the next three years when you may have only visited a place once or twice. Our city guides feature all the best reasons to live in each university city in the UK, helping you find somewhere that best fits your personality and interests.

Today, we’re taking a trip to the south coast. From the sunny coastline to an underrated nightlife, here are all the reasons why you should study in Bournemouth.

1. The beach

How many university students can say they have a stunning beach on their front doorstep? Bournemouth is a seaside resort with seven miles of golden sandy beaches. The town has won several awards, including four Blue Flag awards and two Seaside Awards. The beach is a great place to escape exam stress and enjoy the summer months – it truly has a Mediterranean feel. The resort itself has bars, restaurants and everything else you need for a great day out with friends.

2. The weather

Not many cities in the UK can brag about the weather, but Bournemouth does have the best around. If it’s sunny anywhere in the UK, you can bet it's nice weather in Bournemouth. The southern city has the mildest climate all year round, and the warmest, driest and sunniest weather during the summer months. This is ideal with a beach next door, and as a student, you can take advantage of the nice weather by going on walks, playing sports in the local parks, or taking on seaside activities such as windsurfing or kayaking.

3. The university

Bournemouth University was the first to be commended for the quality of student learning opportunities by the QAA. Students who study at Bournemouth often find success shortly after graduation, with many going on to work in the creative industry in Dorset. According to the Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020, 91% of Bournemouth University students are in work within 6 months of graduation. This is largely down to the university’s commitment to finding and securing its students' work placements. The university also has an excellent student union with over 130 clubs and societies that you can become a part of.

4. The nightlife

Bournemouth has an impressive nightlife for one of the smaller university cities in the UK. Students can expect over 200 restaurants and bars when enjoying an evening out, leaving plenty of choice when it comes to deciding between Italian food, cocktails or a nightclub - or maybe all three? Bournemouth is home to student favourites such as Be At One cocktail bar and local breweries like Poole Hill Brewery. You won’t be disappointed by the nightlife during your time here.

5. The green spaces

Bournemouth has 2,000 acres of beautiful gardens and parks split into three areas of Victorian beauty, ensuring students always have a place to enjoy the warm summers. The lower gardens are adjacent to the sea, the Central Gardens are in the town centre and the Upper Gardens are found a little further North. These parks and green spaces are great for walks, featuring shaded paths, small bridges and picturesque ponds. Meet with friends for drinks or a BBQ and make the most of the beautiful areas Bournemouth has to offer.

6. The pier

Bournemouth Pier further adds to the list of great things to do in the city. It offers a variety of attractions including the RockReef Adventure Activity which features the world’s first zip wire from pier to beach. You can also find an amusement arcade, variety theatre, a café, and can take boat trips along the coastline. You won’t find a place like Bournemouth Pier in many uni cities in the UK, it truly gives a holiday feel and is definitely worth a regular visit if you decide to study there.

7. The Airport

Having an airport so close and such excellent transport links is another reason why students choose to study in Bournemouth. Students have a big break over summer, and Bournemouth Airport is just a 15-minute drive from the city centre, offering short connections to some choice locations around the Mediterranean. The city itself has great bus links and reliable taxi services, making it easy to get around.

So, if you like warm weather, spending time outdoors and visiting beach resorts, this could be the city for you. If your heart’s on the south coast, you can find our brilliant student accommodation in a choice location near the city centre.

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