Living with uS: How to do laundry in your Unite Students home

16 Sep 2020
By Unite Students, Staff writer at The Common Room

Getting laundry right will save you time and money - no one wants to wear shrunken clothes or off-white t-shirts.

Just follow these 10 top tips for lovely laundry.

1. Download an app to make things quick and easy

In most of our properties, you'll use the MyUnite app to do your washing. It allows you to check if machines are available and then book, pay for and monitor your washing straight from your phone.

If you're not able to do your laundry through the MyUnite app, you may need to use a circuit laundry card or the Circuit app. If you're unsure which method you need to use, there will be signs in your laundry room that will have the answers you need.

It costs £3.10 to wash and £1.70 to dry (prices may vary depending on location).

2. Keep dirty lights and darks separate

You put your dark wash on, then find a black tee under a pile of whites. Think you’ll wear that crisp white shirt tonight? Think again, it’s buried in your basket beneath your darks.

Solve these problems with a divided laundry basket (Argos and Wilko have some cheap options). Laundry, sorted.

3. Get some nice laundry detergent

Want your clothes to smell good and feel soft? Go for the 2-in-1 capsules, which contain detergent and fabric softener (just make sure you use non-bleach options).

Got sensitive skin? Choose a detergent free from stuff that irritates – perfumes, enzymes and phosphates.

4. Wash smaller loads, more often

Overload the machine and your clothes won’t be thoroughly cleaned. Plus, leave it too long between washes and you’ll end up with nothing to wear.

Smaller batches means cleaner clothes and easier outfit building!

5. Check your labels

Most laundry instructions are pretty generic but look out for ‘Dry clean only’ before you make a huge mistake.

Check your delicate clothes are suitable to put in the dryer, otherwise you might end up with a very tiny jumper.

6. Wash light and dark clothes separately

Keep your colourful and light clothes apart in the machine too. New, colourful items are more likely to run the first time they’re washed.

Don't try and cheat by throwing a colour catcher in there - these will only clog up the machines.

7. Check and empty your pockets

Don’t miss the chance for one of life’s greatest victories – finding money you never knew you had in your pocket.

Also, items such as coins and hair pins can damage your machine.

Check your pockets. Find money. Feel blessed.

8. Wash your bedding too

Wash your duvet cover, sheets and pillow cases every 1-2 weeks. Put this in separately from the rest of your washing so you don’t overload it.

But remember – you can’t wash your actual duvet in the machine.

9. Clean the lint filter

The lint what? It’s the bit around the edge of the dryer in front of the drum. It’s there to catch fluff.

Using the dryer? Clean the lint filter first or your clothes could come out all fluffy.

10. Salvage your damaged clothes

If you act quickly, red wine on your new cream top can be gone in a flash – just pour on some salt.

Chewing gum on your hoodie? Stick it in the freezer and wait for it to harden so you can snap it off.

Also, white vinegar is a powerful stain remover. Keep some in the cupboard at all times. Some people also put it on chips.

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Staff writer at The Common Room