Can music help you study? Here’s what student Kacey thinks

14 Jan 2019
By Kacey S., Student at University of Nottingham

I almost always listen to music when I study. But variety is essential. If I’m listening to a 50s and 60s playlist, I’ll make sure there’s some music from the last decade thrown in too. I find this mix of genres really helps to keep my mind on track. It’s a good background noise that I can (almost) ignore, exactly the kind of semi-distraction I need when I’m studying.

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I’m an undergraduate at the university, studying Music and Music Technology. For the most part, I’m writing a zombie book or one about an amnesiac with powers. Sometimes I’ll play the drums if I have the time and a kit to play on. Though sometimes I just sit around and read fiction or scroll through social media endlessly.