How to find a part-time job during a pandemic

11 Nov 2020
By Hazel M., Freelance writer, journalist and total bookworm at Unite Students

Finding a part-time job isn’t always the most exciting thing about starting university, especially when you’re trying to balance it with your studies and a social life.

But it could be the difference between treating yourself to a fresh stir fry or living off super noodles for the next three years. So, how do you get one in the middle of a lockdown?

Traditionally, students have always gravitated towards the hospitality industry, thanks to the flexible hours, weekend shifts and, essentially, easy work. Today, though, things aren’t so easy.

Under government-enforced restrictions and lockdowns, bars and restaurants have been forced to close across the country, and the job market is looking more pitiful than ever. The good news is that there are other jobs out there. You just need to look for them.

These ideas can get you started.

1) Offer online tutoring

Don’t underestimate the benefits of online tutoring. If you’re studying a degree in a certain field (particularly English, maths, science or a language), then you probably have a pretty firm grasp of the basics.

Why not try reaching out to parents who are looking for someone to support their children through their GCSEs or A Levels? You can usually charge a pretty decent hourly rate, and, if you’re good at it, they’ll be sure to spread the word.

2) Become a key worker in retail

Okay, so bars and restaurants are out – but essential shops are in. Many local supermarkets are now recruiting for both part-time and full-time roles, and the pay is actually really good. No more relying on tips to top up that poor wage. Better yet, you can normally snap up a lot of overtime too.

To find job opportunities, just check the job sections on the websites of your local shops.

3) Take up dog walking

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