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Find out more about your new home and what you need to know ahead of check-in day.

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Byron Central, Byron Street, Newcastle, United Kingdom, NE2 1XH
Information for check-in day

Where do I collect my key?

You will receive your fob and keys on arrival at reception. The fob will give you access to the front gate, reception, your flat and the communal areas. The first key will give you access to your room and the second will be for your post-box.

Where can I park and unload my car?

There is limited parking available for check-in and you'll be able to park to unload belongings for 20 minutes.

When can I move in?

You can check in at any point from the start date of your tenancy. You can find your start date in your tenancy agreement or by logging into MyAccount here.

We’ll send you further information on checking into Byron Central soon.

Students in the cinema room
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Students in the courtyard
Students in the games area
Students in the common room
Students in a shared kitchen
Students in the study area
Study space in an Ensuite Basic
Bed in an Ensuite Basic
Ensuite bathroom
Study space in an Ensuite Classic
Bed in an Ensuite Classic
Study space in an Ensuite Premium Range 1
Bed in an Ensuite Premium Range 1
Exterior of the Byron Central building

Find out more about Byron Central

Common area
The common room at Byron Central is located at the back of the main building. The common room consists of 3 areas: a study room, a cinema room and the main social space which includes a TV, pool table, foosball and plenty of space to relax in.

Study space
There is an interactive study space with a TV and several booths.

Laundry facilities
The laundry room is located between F and G Block. Machines are operated though the Circuit Plus app.

Outside space
There is a courtyard with picnic benches at Byron Central.

Spaces are available on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability.

Bike storage
We have a dedicated bike storage area. To access the bike sheds you will need to collect a key from reception. If you are planning on bringing your bike, please remember to bring your own bike lock.

General waste and mixed waste recycling are all disposed of at Byron Central in the industrial bins on-site.

Fire test time and meeting point
Fire alarms are fitted throughout the property. Your fire alarm test day is Wednesday at 11am. Your fire assembly point is located on Camden Street, next to the footbridge.

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