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Student accommodation inSheffield

Make yourself at home in the UK's greenest city with student accommodation in Sheffield
  • All bills included
  • 24/7 security
  • City centre living for less
  • Free cancellation*
Close to both University and Hallam, the city centre and nightlife, our Sheffield student housing has it all.
Book with confidence
Book with confidence
We're the UK's largest student accommodation provider and 70,000 students choose to live with us every year.

FREE Cancellation

We know your plans may change, so all bookings come with a seven day cooling off period. Also, if you don’t get a visa or expected grades after that date, you can cancel your booking for free. T&Cs apply.

Safe and secure

Your safety and security is our priority – with staff on-site ready to assist, CCTV, a 24 hour call centre, and support via our MyUnite app.

All bills included

High-speed Wi-Fi, contents insurance, electricity, heating and water – all included in your rent payment. And with a fixed rent for your whole stay, you don't have to worry about rising energy costs or changing your budget.

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Students using the Cinema room
@360 tour
Students using the Study Pods
Students using the games area in the common room
Students relaxing in the common room
Cinema room
Students in the cinema room
Ensuite Basic room
Ensuite Basic room
Bathroom in an Ensuite Basic room
Ensuite Classic room
Study space in an Ensuite Classic room
Ensuite Premium Range 1 room
Study space in a Ensuite Premium Range 1 room
Bathroom in a Ensuite Premium Range 1 room
Students using the shared kitchen for ensuite rooms
Students in the courtyard
Courtyard area of Westhill Hall
Courtyard area of Westhill Hall
Courtyard area of Westhill Hall
Exterior of the Westhill Hall building
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