Can I bring an emotional support animal/service animal/pet?

An assistance animal is an animal trained to perform tasks or services for a person with a disability. If you need an assistance animal, we will provide clear guidance on the required evidence from clinical professionals and the steps necessary to obtain the appropriate approval.

An emotional support animal provides emotional support or passive comfort that helps alleviate one or more symptoms of a disability. As stated in the Equality Act 2010, emotional support animals aren't officially acknowledged in the same manner as certain types of assistance animals.

However, despite the lack of specific statutory provisions for emotional support animals, they are still deemed as reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act. Therefore, each request will be evaluated individually, taking into account its reasonableness.

A pet is an animal kept for companionship and domestic purposes. It is not considered an Assistance Animal or an Emotional Support Animal. Residents are not permitted to keep pets within our properties for any reason.

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