When does the heating turn on and how do I control it?

The heating in Unite Students’ properties maintain a base temperature to stop rooms from getting cold. You’ll then find a thermostat in your individual rooms that you can use to alter how warm your room is.

There are two types of thermostats in our properties. The most common version has a single boost button. When you hit the boost button on your thermostat, it means that the heating will ramp up for 45 minutes, and you can do this multiple times.

But once it hits the upper temperature, you won’t be able to keep increasing it. Instead, it will simply maintain that level of warmth when you press the button.

In some buildings, you'll find a different thermostat that has five different settings (off, low, medium, high, boost). You can choose which setting you would like to have the heating on, and then use the boost button to increase the temperature for 45 minutes.

Once that temperature has been reached, the heating won’t come on again unless the thermostat senses a drop below that pre-set temperature.

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